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Solar Batteries

Your one stop provider for a full range of quality solar batteries.


If your solar system produces a lot of electricity on a beautiful, sunny day, you will need batteries to access the electricity after sunset. Solar batteries represent the electrical storage of renewable energy. If you want to consume electricity from a solar system that produces electricity, then you need a battery.

Solar batteries reserve energy for later consumption that is charged by a connected solar system. The stored electricity is consumed after sundown, during energy demand peaks, or during a power outage. The most popular of home storage batteries, lithium-ion batteries have the longest lifespan and are very compact and light compared to the other battery types. 

There are also gel batteries. They are a valve regulated, lead acid battery in which a pre-determined quantity of an electrolyte, together with sulphuric acid is combined with silica fumes. This chemical reaction results in an immobile, gel like mass giving these batteries their name. The gel batteries are virtually maintenance free as they use one-way open valves that allow the internal gasses to recombine into water

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